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Twincare International
21 Peltier Drive, Sunninghill
Johannesburg, South Africa, 2157

Tel: 011 305 1600

Since its inception, Stylists very quickly came to know Thairapy for not only its Knowledge Based Practice required to appreciate this brand but that it had placed Treatment as the cornerstone.

The success of this approach has not only shown how important a good scientific basis is for every component of an effective haircare range, but has brought us back to the vital role that the practitioner plays in their Knowledge Based Practice where theory and technique remains an important catalyst in delivering excellent results.

About Thairapy / History

Steeped with history, a true story of success and passion that dates back to 1975, Twincare International has set itself as the leader and benchmark for the professional hair, skin and nail care industries in South Africa. Having not only national but international success with offices in both South Africa and Australia, building its reputation through providing both leadership and innovation, Twincare International boasts some of the most exciting brands in the industry.

Now, THAIRAPY, a South African product that competes with the best international brands, combining cutting edge science and the latest consumer trends. THAIRAPY speaks the language of both professionals and consumers providing haircare products that are functional, yet creating added value through an experience and enhancement to their lifestyle. Thairapy is more than a haircare line; it is a complete solution to physical well-being. Through its unique formulation, with Reaction & Hold Factors …

haircare the THAIRAPY way never felt this good.